How We Help Brokers

  Offer the Newest Retirement & Voluntary Benefit Available to Your Clients, Our Maximum       Social Security Strategy
  Differentiate Yourself Among Competitors and Earn New Business
  We Pay Industry-leading Commissions & Referral Fees
  Generate Leads With Our Maximum Social Security Strategy

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We provide a variety of high-quality marketing tools to help you!

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What We Do For Employees

  We Maximize Employees' Social Security       & Make It Easy!
  We Show Them How to Make The Best       Choices
  Speak to An Expert: Access to A Dedicated       Social Security Advisor
  Tell Them When to File, What to File, &       How to File
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Why Employees Need Us

  70% of Americans Leave Money On The      Table ($120,000 On Average, Per Couple)
  Social Security Is Complicated! Are      Employees Making The Right Decisions?
  Most Financial Advisors & Planners Don't      Know How to Maximize Social Security
  The Social Security Administration Is      Prohibited from Providing Advice
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What Employees Get

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How It Works for Brokers

Step 1:  Take the first step towards offering the latest Retirement and Voluntary benefit available in the market, our Maximum Social Security Strategy, and add value for your clients!
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Step 2:  Sell our signature product, the Maximum Social Security Strategy, to your clients and help their employees maximize their Social Security benefits. All of your sales are carefully tracked through your own customized referral code or your own co-branded website.
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Step 3:  Receive 20% commissions and referral fees for the successful business you've generated! You can be proud of the fact that you've helped hard-working Americans receive their maximum Social Security benefit.
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What is Social Security Advisors? An Overview.

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The Million Dollar Decision

This is the Big One: Many couples receive more than $1,000,000 in joint lifetime Social Security benefits. Making the right decision about this overlooked retirement asset is critical!